‘Would like to enter Bigg Boss and give a rating to Sajid Khan’: Sherlyn Chopra reveals he had flashed his private part at her and asked her to rate it


Bigg Boss season 16 is tainted with controversies because of Sajid Khan’s history with ‘Me Too’ accusations. Over the last two to three years, several actresses, models and female journalists have come forward and raised allegations against Khan for exploiting his position in the industry. Actress Sherlyn Chopra, one of the alleged victims of Sajid Khan, has opened up in an interview with Filmibeat.

Sherlyn Chopra recounts how Sajid Khan molested her, and asks Salman Khan to take a stand against the MeToo accused

In her statement, Chopra questioned the silence of actor and Bigg Boss host, Salman Khan, over the matter. She said, “If Sajid had molested a girl close to or known to Salman Khan, would he have allowed the molester to enter into the house of Big Boss??? What about the pain & sorrow of all those women who have dared to share on public platforms about their dreadful, shocking experiences with Sajid?”

She further added that it was high time Salman Khan took a stand against the alleged molesters. “What’s the point in being a Bhai-Jaan just for name’s sake?” she said. Chopra continued by saying that those who deny the existence of nepotism and favouritism in the industry need to “stop living in denial and face reality”.

Terming the film industry as ‘mafia’, Chopra said a lot of other accused continue to get work in the industry. She said, “Molesters, druggists, rapists, sexists are all given a zillion second chances as they strongly believe that every sinner has a future. Sadly, they don’t care much about the future of the victims and survivors. Most celebs feel that it is best to keep mum and work quietly without disturbing the status quo. Little do they understand that unless we unite as one force against the mafia, it will continue to exist and flourish.”

In a message to the makers of Bigg Boss, Sherlyn said, “When I had visited Sajid at his house for a story narration, he had flashed his private part at me and asked me to rate it on a scale of 0 to 10. I would like to enter the house of Big Boss and give Sajid the rating that he had sought so desperately from me! Let India watch how a survivor deals with her molester!”

Chopra further talked about the changes she had brought to her lifestyle. She said, “I don’t do drugs. And I lead a disciplined life. I work out religiously as I am a fitness enthusiast. My priorities in life tend to irk the mafia gang.” Chopra is also pursuing law as she believes understanding the law empowers the person.

Notably, Sherlyn Chopra had earlier accused KWAN talent agency co-founder Anirban Blah of sexual misconduct. In 2018, Anirban Das Blah was asked to step down from KWAN after #MeToo allegations were levelled against him. Four women had accused him of sexual harassment. 

Delhi Commission for Women wrote to IB Ministry against Sajid Khan

The head of the Delhi Commission for Women, Swati Maliwal, has written to Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Singh Thakur, requesting that MeToo-accused Bollywood filmmaker Sajid Khan be removed from the forthcoming season of the reality show Bigg Boss.

DCW chief Swati Maliwal wrote in a letter addressed on Monday that the minister should take action and that under no circumstances should a person like Sajid Khan be permitted to participate in television reality shows.

In a tweet, Sherlyn thanked Swati for taking steps against Sajid Khan. She wrote, “Thanks Swati Ji! If Sajid Khan did some abominable act with a close female friend or relative of Salman Khan Sir, wouldn’t he take action against Sir Sajid? Why Salman sir cannot become bhai-jaan of victim women?”

Mentioning the names of the victims who accused Sajid Khan of sexual misconduct at the office place and otherwise, Swati wrote, “As the complaints against him reveal, it appears that Sajid Khan has acted as a sexual predator for a long time. Clearly, it is inappropriate for an alleged sexual offender such as Sajid Khan to be included in a primetime show which is watched by adults and children alike. This apparently gives him an undue opportunity to ‘whitewash’ his wrongs and be re-launched amongst Indian audiences.

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