Mohammed Hijab, image via One Path Network

Amidst the ongoing violence in Leicester in England’s East Midlands region, Islamist scholar Mohammed Hijab was seen mocking Hinduism and inciting Muslims to attack the adherents of the Dharmic faith on Monday (September 19).

In a video that has now surfaced on social media, he was seen interacting with mask-clad Muslim men and encouraging them to teach the local Hindu population a lesson.

“When I was on social media, I saw these people (Hindus) getting brave. How come today it is like pin drop silence?” the British Egyptian scholar was heard as saying. He claimed that no Hindus were in sight after realising that Muslim mobs were coming at them in hordes.

“Cause they (Hindus) fear us when they are near us”, responded an Islamist from the crowd. Pumped by the support of the like-minded people in the crowd, Hijab said, “Deep down, they know we got the truth. If you want respect, then, learn to respect.”

“If they (Hindus) believe in reincarnation, what a humiliation of them to be reincarnated into some pathetic, weak, cowardly people like that,” the Islamist went on an anti-Hindu tirade.

“Hindutva (Hindus), you are trying to act like gangsters…Don’t ever come out like that again (referring to the protests by Hindus in Leicester). Do you understand? Are they going to come out again?” he continued his threats.

Amidst the war cry of Allah hu Akbar, Mohammed Hijab cautioned that he and his supporters would be there if Hindus dared to protest against the violence, committed by his co-religionists.

In an Instagram post, Hijab was seen leading a frenzied mob of Islamists, with their faces covered in masks. “Muslim patrol in Leicester,” he wrote in his post.

The Islamist scholar had earlier dared atheists and apostates to bad-mouth Hindu Gods and Goddesses. “If the online Apostates are really brave they should make an entire video of mockery targeted at the Hindus just as they did with Muslims,” he provoked.

“That is as the initial justification for doing this all was that Muslim figures (namely me) were harassing them and families,” Hijab had remarked.

Screengrab of the tweet by Mohammed Hijab

The Community Security Trust (CST) has described Mohammed Hijab as an “influential Islamist Youtuber” in 2021. He was earlier part of an anti-Israeli demonstration in London wherein he threatened to kill dogs and Jews.

“If those dogs come close to us again, we will see it as an act of aggression and we will kill those dogs! We’ll put them down,” he was heard as saying. Hijab’s supporters were heard raising provocative slogans, and vying for the blood of Jews.

“This video features Mohammed Hijab who tells a police inspector that if they don’t put the dogs away, he’ll kill them. Members of the march call for the blood of Jews. Police did nothing,” wrote popular Twitter user David Atherton.

Horror at Leicester: Targeted attacks on Hindus and Misinformation campaigns

Leicester City in England’s East Midlands region has witnessed a sharp increase in targeted attacks against the Hindu community. The orgy of violence by Islamists began soon after India clinched victory against Pakistan in the group stage match of the Asia Cup on August 28.

According to a Hindu organisation (@INSIGHTUK2), a casual banter between Indian fans and Pakistani supporters turned serious when the latter snatched and disrespected the Indian tricolour. Soon after, the police took cognisance of the matter but added to the raging misinformation by Islamists that religious slurs were hurled in Hindi.

India and Pakistan again met at the Super 4 stage of the Asia Cup. After Pakistan succeeded in settling scores on the field, its supporters attacked a Hindu home celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi.

The accused men also received overwhelming support from their co-religionists on social media. Homes, cars, and properties belonging to the Hindu community, which were easily identifiable with sacred symbols, were damaged. In order to control the situation, Chief Superintendent Adam Slonecki granted dispersal and stop search powers to the police.

Recently, a Hindu temple came under attack by Islamists in Leicester. In a viral video, one extremist was seen uprooting a saffron flag affixed to the temple structure. On September 16, the police informed that a total of 27 people were arrested in connection with the violence.

Meanwhile, the Islamists resorted to making outlandish claims to deviate public discourse from the targeted attacks on Hindus. While speaking to Opindia, research scholar Sarah L Gates said, “This was a planned clean out aka religious cleansing. They want to purge Hindus.”

Hindus in Leicester are now at the mercy of the police for their safety. With motivated news publications and Islamist groups portraying them as the perpetrators, they are left to fend for themselves.


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