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On Thursday, the Uttar Pradesh Police arrested six persons named Faiz, Lalu, Ayaaz, Varun, Arbaz, and Abdul Kadir alias Jilani for operating a hookah bar in the name of a family restaurant in Budaun district. The Police have also recovered stolen bikes, cash, and firearms from the arrested persons. This is after several videos of youngsters smoking hookah went viral over social media.

According to the reports, the incident is said to have happened in a private hookah bar which was being operated by a person named Arbaz under the pretext of a family restaurant. In the viral video, a person can be seen smoking hookah and then dancing to vulgar Bollywood tunes. A teenage girl can also be seen smoking hookah and enjoying an inappropriate dance with the men in the video.

It is believed that the person wearing a white shirt in the viral video is none other than Arbaz who operates a hookah bar. He has displayed a board saying family restaurant outside the bar. The Poice had sealed the bar on September 12 and had arrested Arbaz for running the bar illegally. However, on September 15, the Police arrested the other five accused in the case.

The video was shared by several media reporters who claimed that Hindu women were being targeted at the bar and that love jihad was being promoted there. ANI reporter Vipul Kashyap shared the video and said that Arbaz used to ask Hindu women to register their identity and mobile numbers in a book and then used to share the details with his Islamist friends. The Islamist men then used to record videos of the Hindu girls and used to blackmail them.

Another journalist named Tushar Srivastava from Zee Hindustan also shared a similar video and reiterated the claim that Hindu girls were being targeted by the Islamists inside the bar. The women in the viral video can be seen enjoying vulgar bollywood dance with the men around. According to journalist Rahul Sisodia the bar promotes the practice of Love jihad and boosts Islamist men to target Hindu women.

The bar aka ‘family restaurant’ was inaugurated by MLA Mahesh Chandra Gupta. After the bar was sealed by the Police on September 12, Gupta said that the inauguration ceremony was conducted just for the formality and that it was a family restaurant at the time of the inauguration. He said that he had no idea about the hookah bar and was unaware of inappropriate activities ongoing inside the bar.

The hookah bar is located in the New Sarai Kacchi League area of Badaun district and the neighbours residing beside the bar came to know about the hookah bar only after the Police sealed the spot on September 12 and arrested the owner, operator Arbaz Khan.

OpIndia tried to contact the local people to know additional details about the incident. Sachin Chauhan, District Organization Minister of Rajput Karni Sena Badaun, while talking to OpIndia said that this place, which started in the name of the restaurant, was actually a hookah bar but very few people knew about it.

“There is a deep conspiracy ongoing from day one at the bar and Hindu girls are being targeted here. Karni Sena was not able to get any solid evidence of these claims which is why we had not given any statement on this matter till now. But now it’s all open”, Sachin added. Reports mention that the ‘family restaurant’ was visited by only those who knew that it was a hookah bar. The bar served the spoiled brats from around 10 in the morning till late at night.

The Budaun Police who have so far arrested Yash Verma, Faiz, Lalu Yadav, Ayaz, Varun, and Abdul Qadir alias Jilani in the case are probing the viral video to know whether it is from after September 12 or before that. Yash Verma is the son of a local wealthy businessman while other arrested persons are believed to be robbers. The Police have also recovered stolen bikes and lots of cash from the arrested persons. The bar was sealed by the Police on September 12 and its operator Arbaz Khan was also arrested on the same day. Further investigation into the case is underway.


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