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A day after Shivraj Patil claimed that Jihad was taught to Arjuna by Lord Krishna, the Congress leader is now desperately trying to Abrahamise the Hindu Faith.

When quizzed on Friday (October 20) about his contentious remarks about Bhagavad Gita, the former Home Minister (2004-2008) said, “Read the Quran. I have made the comments after reading this book”.

While holding a copy of the Quran, he claimed, “Quran clearly says that there is no concept of multiple Gods and there is only one God. The book says that such a God has no form, colour or shape. This is why Muslims do not worship idols.”

“The concept is the same in both Christianity and Judaism,” Shivraj Patil said while batting for monotheism. He then tried to suggest that the Dharmic concept of God is same as the one espoused by the non-Indic Abrahamic religions.

“They (Abrahamic religions) say that God exists but cannot be made into an idol. Even Bhagavad Gita says that Hindu deities do not have form, shape and cannot be re-made in the form of an idol”, he claimed.

The UPA-era Home Minister then spoke gibberish about the concept of God and the universe, after failing to clarify his earlier remarks about ‘Jihad’ in Bhagavad Gita.

The outlandish claims by the UPA-era Minister have thrown the spotlight on the period during which Congress coined the term ‘saffron terror’ and tried to whitewash the crimes of Batla House terrorists.

The Background of the Controversy

On Thursday (October 20), Shivraj Patil had asserted, “There is a lot of discussion about Islam. And our work in the Indian Parliament is not about Jihad but ideals. Jihad is only evoked when all efforts, undertaken with a clear mind, fail.”

The former Home Minister further alleged, “It is said that when all efforts fail, one can use power (Shakti) against the other.” Patil drew false equivalence between the Dharmic concept of Shakti and Jihad, a term used by Islamists to kill and maim non-Muslims across the globe.

He made the contentious claims in Delhi during the launch of the biography of Congress leader Mohsina Kidwai. “The concept of Jihad is not limited to the Quran but also the Bhagavad Gita, which is a part of Mahabharata,” he continued.

The UPA-era Minister then went a step ahead and alleged that Lord Krishna taught about Jihad to Arjuna during the Dharamyudh between the Pandavas and Kauravas in Kurukshetra.

“Lord Krishna had taught Arjuna about Jihad (In Bhagwat Gita). And Jihad does not exist only in Hindu and Islamic scriptures. It is also present in the Holy text of Christians,” he insinuated.

Shivraj Patil then justified the concept of Jihad and said, “Despite trying your best, if someone approaches you with weapons, you cannot simply run away…You cannot call it wrong.”

Later, he tried to undo the damage by claiming that the use of force is not right. “Yes, one should not be using force to make someone understand anything. This is what Mohsina ji wrote in her book,” he concluded.


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