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On Saturday, a wall built near the temple in Rajasthan’s Rajsamand was demolished by the local administration. Hundreds of members of the Hindu organization gathered at the location till 1 AM, according to a report by Zee News.

Due to the growing protest, top police authorities were forced to send an additional force to the scene to maintain the law and order. This incident took place near SK Mines in the Dariba police station area, where a wall built near a temple was demolished.

Locals told the media that when they opposed the demolition of the wall near the temple, a protestor was detained. However, after the protest, he was released. According to the Zee News report, Nathdwara deputy Chagan Purohit said that some locals pushed the wall to build their shops. This wall was then demolished by the local administration with a bulldozer.

No one was detained, according to Nathdwara Deputy Chhagan Purohit. Although the situation is now quiet, an additional batch of police officers have been deployed on the spot for security reasons.


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