A married Hindu woman from Sindh was reportedly abducted and raped for three days in the southern Sindh province of Pakistan as she refused to convert to Islam. Minority Rights activist Shiva Kachhi shared two videos of the woman.She accused Ibrahim Mangrio, Punho Mangrio and one accomplice of abducting and raping her for three days in Samaro town of Umarkot district.

As per the latest information shared by Kachhi, one person was arrested in the matter while two were still absconding. Earlier, the woman and her family were made to sit outside the police station for hours, waiting for the police to register the case. However, looking at the past record of Pakistani judiciary, it is highly unlikely that the accused will face justice.

In her statement, the woman said she was forced to convert to Islam. When she refused, the accused abducted and raped her for three days. She somehow managed to escape and come home. Similar cases have been reported in different parts of Sindh with Hindu populations, including Umerkot, Mirpurkhas, Thar, Ghotki and Khairpur. Hindu women and young girls from poor families face rampant abductions, forced marriage and conversion to Islam.

In an ongoing matter, a Hindu man named Laloo Kachhi was murdered by abductors as he tried to save her sister.

On January 16, UN Experts expressed concern over the reports that Hindu girls as young as 13 years old are being abducted and converted to Islam in Pakistan.


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