On 16th October 2022, Muslim Twitter users abused another Muslim woman from US, named Shirin Khan, for hosting Rana Ayyub. According to these Islamist Twitter users, Rana Ayyub is a ‘Gustakh-e-Rasool supporter’ and according to them, it was wrong of Shirin Khan to host such a ‘Gustakh-e-Rasool supporter’ like Rana Ayyub. It is notable that Rana Ayyub is called a Gustakh-e-Rasool supporter because she had tweeted wishing for well being of author Salman Rushdie. However, she later deleted that tweet after coming under attack from Internet Jihadis.

Rana Ayyub is currently on a visit to the USA, where she has met several anti-Hindu persons and organisations, like former Tennis star Martina Navratilova, and people associated with anti-Hindu propaganda in the west. During this visit, she also visited Shirin Khan, who is presumably from India. Shirin Khan posted a picture with Rana Ayyub calling her a guest, and it opened the floodgates of tweets by these Muslim Twitter users who started abusing Shirin Khan for hosting Rana Ayyub. Shirin Khan wrote in her tweet, “My beautiful guest Rana Ayyub”, and added the red heart emoji.

A Twitter user Bint Nuh posted, “Disgusting. No one on the face of the earth is as ugly as this Islamophobe who supports a gustakh. No Muslim would want to see this filthy cockroach of Uncle Sam. please keep your fondness for white human excreta to yourself & refrain from putting such creepy content in public.”

Another Muslim Twitter user named (Abdullah) Shirk Destroyer tweeted, “Dekh Rahe Ho Firoz Gustakh e Rasool ke supporters se dosti badhayi jaa rahi hai Kya muh dikhayenge ye Log allah ke Rasoolallh ko Ek sahaba the ki rasolallah k wazu ke paani ke liye daudte the Un ke liye sanp ka zaher bardasht krte the Koi galti se hath bhi badhaye to” which means “See Firoz, she is being friends with a ‘gustakh-e-rasool’. Will they be able to show their face to Rasoolallah (Peace be upon him). There were people like Sahaba who used to run for getting water for Rasoolallah’s wuzu. They would even endure a snake’s venom for Rasoolallah (Peace be upon him). Even if someone heads towards him with ill intentions, they would scream.”

Another Muslim Twitter user Maverik posted, “Good Good, next time take selfies with nupur sharma and navin jindal. Jab apko Liberal gustaakho se problem nahi hai to RW waalo se special nafrat krna illogical hai.” (When you don’t have any problem with liberal gustakh, then it is illogical to hate right-wingers.)

Saad wrote in his reply to Shirin Khan’s tweet, “What a proud moment for this women selfies with gustakh e Rasool supporter.”

Another Twitter handle named Ummati asked Shirin Khan, “Did you ask her why she supported the most famous gustakh-e-Rasool of our times???”

Did you ask her why she supported the most famous gustakh-e-Rasool of out times??? https://t.co/zybb04GuIY— Ummati (@ummati45) October 16, 2022

A Twitter handle named @Abstawakkul wrote, “A muhajibah posing proudly for a selfie with the supporter of the enemy of Allah and Rasool Allah(saws) aka Salman Rushdie. Some of the core reasons for the decline of a nation is when Ignorance and hypocrisy will widespread in the community. Don’t know what to say; is it ignorance or hypocrisy?”

An-Nahda posted, “This is the problem with Muslims today they don’t make friends or enemies on the basis of Islam. I don’t understand how some muslims can happily pose for pics with someone who supports a vile person like Rushdie.”

Another Muslim Twitter user Ababeel posted, “Run-of-the-mill Islamophobic hijabi, convincing Muslims to compromise with the honor of RasoolAllah (Peace be upon him), aligning with LIBERALS for worldly gain, subtly planting liberalism in Muslim minds.”

Not only this, the conversations below these tweets were shading more light on Shariat and the provisions of punishments as per Shariat for supporting a gustakh.

Shaheen Allama asked a Twitter user ‘united4u’ “Don’t you know she is taking selfies with a supporter of gustakh?” The Twitter user ‘united4u’ replied, “Allah is there for justice. He knows what is in one’s mind.” Shaheen Allama replied, “You know how justice is done according to Shariat with those who are gustakh. You are talking about the things within one’s mind. Does anyone know what goes on in a thief’s mind? But he is punished for the theft. Likewise, Allah may know what is inside one’s mind but the person will be judged on his or her actions.” After this, ‘united4u’ replied, “You are right brother but I don’t want to get caught on the judgment day by saying something now. Because we don’t know the whole thing.”

Financial fraud-accused Washington Post columnist Rana Ayyub deleted her August 12 tweet praying for Satanic Verses author Salman Rushdie’s recovery after he was stabbed in New York. After the attack on Rushdie, Rana Ayyub tweeted how she was praying for his recovery. However, after the Muslim community on Twitter condemned her, she has since deleted her tweet. Many Islamists took to Twitter to school Ayyub that while they respect her, they cannot follow or support someone who wishes well upon someone who had ‘blasphemed’ about Prophet Muhammad. 


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