Mmembers of the Islamic outfit PFI threaten to intensify protests after NIA raid 11 locations across the country (source: ANI)

The members of the radical Islamic outfit Popular Front of India (PFI) and Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) have taken to the streets in as many as 8 states where the National Investigative Agency and Enforcement Directorate have conducted raids on locations linked to the Islamist organization Popular Front of India (PFI).

The federal agencies led by NIA had on Thursday conducted raids across 10 states, including Assam, Bihar, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, and Telangana and arrested more than 100 suspected PFI activists for allegedly supporting terror activities in the country. 

The members of the radical organisations have not only taken to the streets to protest against these raids that began at midnight but have also threatened to intensify the protests in the coming two-three days.

Meanwhile, many videos and images have surfaced online wherein PFI and SDPI members can be seen blocking roads and raising slogans against the federal agencies after the crackdown, which they have called the “largest ever investigation process till date.”

In Andhra Pradesh, SDPI workers raised slogans of “NIA Go Back” to protest against the raid by the agency at the residence of an SDPI leader in the Kurnool district.

Police apprehended PFI workers in Kannur, Kerala, as they attempted to block a road in protest of NIA operations.

The Kerala PFI unit has moreover called for a state-wide protest tomorrow against the raid and arrest by NIA.

PFI workers in Tamil Nadu sat on the streets to protest the NIA raid on the PFI headquarters in Chennai.

PFI and SDPI workers also protested against the NIA raid in Mangaluru.

Another video that emerged from Mangaluru shows PFI and SDPI workers sloganeering. “We know everything that RSS has sent you,” shouted the PFI members as they protested against the NIA raids.

NIA raids PFI offices and houses across 10 states, over 100 members, including top leaders arrested

The protest erupted after the National Investigation Agency, on the intervening night of September 21 and September 22, conducted several raids on locations linked to the Islamist organization Popular Front of India (PFI) across 10 states, including Bihar, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, and Telangana.

The agency arrested around 100 cadres, including top leaders of the organization. The maximum number of arrests was made in Kerala (22) followed by Maharashtra and Karnataka (20 each), Tamil Nadu (10), Assam (9), Uttar Pradesh (8), Andhra Pradesh (5), Madhya Pradesh (4), Puducherry and Delhi (3 each) and Rajasthan (2).

As per reports, the raids were conducted by joint teams of NIA, Enforcement Directorate (ED), and respective State Police, and the Union Ministry of Home Affairs was monitoring the action against the organization.

Though no untoward incident was reported from any protest of these sites today, it has been witnessed in the past how these kinds of protests have frequently turned extremely violent.

This year, in the month of May, a rally held by the radical Islamic outfit Popular Front of India (PFI) in Thiruvananthapuram turned violent. At around 12 noon, members of the outfit took out a march toward Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s official residence ‘Cliff House’ against the arrest of Popular Front leaders following the hate slogans given by a child in a recent rally in Alappuzha.

In fact, history has it that PFI has always been at the heart of many riots, criminal activities, anti-Hindu activities like murders of RSS workers and anti-India activities. Whether it was the 2020 protests against the CAA or the Karnataka burqa controversy or the 2020 Bengaluru riots which turned exceedingly violent, resulting in the loss of numerous lives and damage to public properties, the PFI has been linked to all.

Radical Islamist outfit Popular Front of India and its dangerous antecedents

The Popular front of India calls itself a neo-social movement allegedly committed to empowering people belonging to minority communities, Dalits, and other weaker sections of society. However, it finds its roots in the banned terrorist organization SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India). Recent incidents regarding PFI and Islamic radicalism in the country, particularly in the Southern regions, suggest that PFI may have been attempting to bring SIMI’s extremist Islamic views to fruition.

In fact, ever since PFI was formed in 2006 it has been under the radar of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) as its members were linked to ISIS modules in Kerala that went on to join the terror outfit in Syria and Iraq. 

According to Indian intelligence officials, the PFI is also suspected of radicalising the masterminds of the 2019 Sri Lankan Easter bombings that killed over 300 people. 

In India, the PFI has been accused of radicalising students and has also been involved in several political killings and religious conversions. According to the NIA, the PFI has a presence in almost 23 states. It is worth mentioning that radical Islamic organisations such as PFI, SDPI and other associated organisations have been under the scanner in UP after the anti-CAA violence triggered in the state last year and this year. In addition, several leaders of the Popular Front of India were also named as accused in the 2020 Bengaluru riots.

PFI members have been frequently found to be indulging in criminal activities, including murder with communal motives. Earlier in January, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) had alleged that the PFI raised money through hawala channels for running terror camps in Kerala.

Besides this, it has been accused by the National Investigative Agency (NIA) of being involved in the controversial ‘love jihad’ cases in Kerala. Recently, members of its political arm SDPI were arrested for an ABVP worker’s brutal murder in Kerala’s Kannur.

Recently, PFI members were accused of killing 42-year-old activist Ramalingam. The activist was brutally murdered for opposing forced religious conversions. In the past, the PFI members have been accused of chopping off the hands of a Kerala Professor for allegedly insulting the Islamic Prophet Mohammed. Just a few days back, PFI leader Mohammad Haroon was nabbed by the Kerala Police in connection with the murder of RSS worker Sanjith in Palakkad.

In 2016, the PFI’s Bengaluru district president was arrested in connection with the murder of RSS leader R Rudresh. Earlier this week, a PFI leader from Palakkad in Kerala was arrested in connection with the killing of an RSS leader in the district in April.

More recently, the NIA claimed that its investigation revealed that the Islamist assailants of BJP worker Praveen Nettaru were active PFI members and had murdered Nettaru as part of a larger conspiracy to strike terror among the members of a section of society. Nettaru, a Bharatiya Janata Party Yuva Morcha worker, was hacked to death by two bike-borne attackers in Dakshina Kannada district’s Bellare village on July 26. The police arrested six persons before the government handed over the case to the NIA.

In fact, last month, after Nettaru’s merciless killing, the NIA conducted searches in at least 33 locations in Karnataka in connection with the murder.

During the searches conducted at the premises of the accused and suspects, digital devices, used ammunition, improvised arms, cash, incriminating documents, pamphlets and literature were seized.

“Investigations have revealed that the accused persons, who are active members of Popular Front of India (PFI) had planned and committed the murder of Nettaru as part of a larger conspiracy to strike terror amongst the members of a section of society,” the federal probe agency said.

Prior to this, NIA continuing its crackdown on the notorious Islamic outfit conducted searches in multiple locations in Bihar in connection with the terror module with links to Islamic extremist outfit PFI, busted by the Bihar police on the evening of July 11.

PFI “India Vision 2047”: Establishment of Islamic govt, murder of ‘coward Hindus’, arms training, infiltration of Judiciary and more

Following the crackdown on a secret PFI operation in the state, the Bihar police had in the same month made shocking revelations about an 8-page PFI document that talks about teaching a lesson to the “coward Hindus” of India. The 8-page PFI document underlined the PFI goal for the years ahead. In the document named ‘India Vision 2047’, PFI has circulated internally among its cadre that they aim to completely dominate the ‘coward Hindus’ and subjugate them and this goal will be achievable even with 10% of Muslims rallying behind PFI. 

They have also mentioned that they plan to launch a full-fledged armed uprising against the Indian State with the help of their trained cadre and with the help of Islamic countries like Turkey. They have also appealed to other Islamic countries for help to bring the Indian State and the majority of Hindus ‘to their knees’. The police added that former SIMI terrorist Parvez and the ex-police officer named Jalluuddin, arrested by the police, have raised funds worth lakhs for this recent endeavour. 

OpIndia had accessed the full 8-page document, the contents of which are far more shocking than what the police have revealed so far. The “India 2047” document has a tagline that underlines the goal of PFI – “Towards Rule of Islam in India”.

The document fear mongers about the “current status of Muslims in India”, to “PFI in every household” strategy, their India 2047 plan and actionable points for the Muslim community in India.

As the notorious Islamic outfit Popular Front of India (PFI) seeks to expand its tentacles and strengthen its roots by outlining various stages of progression toward establishing Islamic rule in India, as outlined in its “India Vision 2047,” reports have emerged that the Modi government will soon ban the Popular Front of India (PFI). The massive NIA raid conducted today, which came after a high-level meeting between Union Home Minister Amit Shah and top officials, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, Union Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla, Director General of National Investigation Agency (NIA) Dinkar Gupta, could signal the end of this notorious organisation.


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