Shabina Anis Qureshi has links with Sajjad Nomani (Image: SS/Shabina/YouTube/Newstrend)

On May 24, Shabina Anis Qureshi, one of the frontrunners in spreading hate towards Hindus with fake ‘Bhagwa Love Trap’ allegations, published a video on her YouTube channel where she claimed to be attending an event organised by Sajjad Nomani. For those who are unaware, Sajjad Nomani is a Maulvi who is also a campaigner behind brainwashing Muslims by spreading lies about the so-called ‘Bhagwa Love Trap’.

In an hour-long video, Qureshi could be seen attending an event at Shibli Nomani School, Andheri. She claimed that it was organised by Nomani. She introduced a man named Siraj who requested her to attend the event. She said, “I am here because Siraj Bhai, who is in our group as well, works with Sajjad Nomani. He requested me to attend this event.”

It appeared that police were informed about the event where Muslim women and young girls were allegedly gathered for an “awareness program”. Siraj said on camera that police personnel came in multiple vehicles to inquire about the event. Qureshi claimed female police officials took photographs of the event and one of the female police personnel was sitting at the event in a burqa.

She further said, “I went to meet Sajjad Nomani where I met him (Siraj). After listening to me, he called me and joined our group. [Whatever is done or discussed] in the group is forwarded to Sajjad Nomani by him. Notably, her Twitter account has been withheld in India over legal demand by the Government of India.

Shabina Anis Qureshi account withheld in India. Source: Twitter

Who is Sajjad Nomani

Sajjad Nomani is a prominent Islamic scholar and cleric. He has been at the forefront of the misleading campaign. His speeches and provocative remarks have added enough fuel to the fire of Islamism so much so that they have now translated into real-life incidents of attacks.

Several videos of Nomani are available online where he could be heard spreading hatred against Hindus. In one such video, he was heard saying, “8 lakh Muslim women have turned infidel and left Islam after meeting their Hindu partners. RSS has created a team of Hindu youths who are trained in Islamic teachings and Urdu…They are then instructed to lure Muslim women into a love trap.”

Sajjad Nomani claimed that such Hindu men are then rewarded with ₹2.5 lakhs, a house and a job, which is supposedly serving as an ‘incentive’ for the Hindu community at a time of high unemployment.

“Several Hindu youths are fixated on this mission but we are sleeping…Billions of funds have been allocated to take away our Faith,” he alleged. The AIMPLB member urged his fanatic followers to ‘wake up from their deep slumber and take action’.

Opindia found several videos wherein Sajjad Nomani was heard reiterating the conspiracy theory of Hindu men supposedly entrapping Muslim women and converting them to Hinduism.

The conspiracy being spread by him has turned into real-life threats to Hindu boys. Our detailed report on him can be checked here.

Who is Shabina Anis Qureshi

In April 2022, OpIndia profile the vicious hatemonger Shabina Anis Qureshi. Shabina Anis Qureshi is the wife of Anis Qureshi, a Maharashtra Congress politician. Anis is the Secretary of the Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) and the former Chairman of the MPCC Minority Department, Konkan Division.

Shabina describes herself as an activist and rose to notoriety on social media after beginning her campaign against inter-faith marriages in Mumbai. She claims to run an organization named Hifazt-e-Nasl to protect Muslim girls from marrying non-Muslims.

She has been pushing hate against interfaith marriages and blackmailing couples to opt out of the marriage. Her modus-operandi, however, is legally prohibited. Shabina first obtains information from the notice board of the Maharashtra Registrar of Marriages and filters the data to find out if a Muslim girl has registered to marry a Non-Muslim man. After sorting the details, she visits the couple’s house at their registered address as listed on the site.

She then blackmails both the man and the woman who are willing to marry each other despite knowing their official names and embracing their religions. Shabina thereafter documents and publishes her interactions with the Muslim woman and the Non-Muslim man on social media and YouTube. This entire procedure is intended to persuade the Muslim girl not to marry the non-Muslim man at any cost.

She has become famous and is well-known as the voice of radical Islamists who are opposed to inter-faith marriages. There are several recent incidents highlighted by Hindupost that indicate she has been doing this for quite some time.

The detailed profile of Qureshi can be checked here.