‘Love Jihad’ case in Greece: Pakistani who killed teenage girl in Athens possessed 4 different identities, his asylum application was rejected


According to judicial officials, the accused operated coldly, deliberately, and systematically. His post-act behaviour showed no signs of anger, dejection, or remorse for the horrible murder of the young girl, as per reports.

The Greek Police who arrested an illegal Pakistani immigrant named Ahsan for murdering a 17-year-old girl in Peristeri revealed on Tuesday that the accused possessed four different identity documents with different names and age. The names on the four different identities appeared unique as they had variations in both his own and his parents’ names.

The first identity he possessed showed his name as Munasif Ashan born on the year July 23, 2001. The remaining three identity cards were in the name of Hasan Hasan, Shamin Akhtar, and Munasif Ashan with a different date of birth mentioned. The Police earlier said that the accused was 30 years old, but considering the 4 identity cards recently recovered, the officials stated that the age of the accused may be around 22 but is yet to be confirmed. The Police also revealed that he had his asylum application rejected.

According to the reports, the Ministry of Immigration and Asylum confirmed that the accused had filed an asylum request once, last July, which was rejected within 15 days, while he then filed a late appeal. Last week, the Pakistani accused, earlier identified as ‘Sunni’ had killed his 17-year-old girlfriend over an argument in Peristeri, Athens. He was hosted at the house of the victim who was staying with her mother and her sister. The teenage minor girl’s affair with the 30-year-old Pakistani man was reportedly objected to by her mother.

However, Nicoletta’s father while talking to the media had said that the duo was in a relationship for the past 10 months. The lawyer of the 17-year-old stated on August 8 that the accused was an illegal immigrant and was involved in illegal activities like cigarette smuggling. The lawyer also confirmed that his brother had testified before the authorities that Ahsan aka Sunni was a criminal.

“His abusive behavior against the 17-year-old is proven even before the act of intentional homicide, with evidence of violence against her. But this man had nothing to kill for, he had no inhibitions. This bipedal anthropomorphic monster had no moral inhibitions to stop him from doing evil. Unfortunately, the 17-year-old fell into his hands without knowing and without being able to resist. She fought for 7-8 minutes for her life but finally, she couldn’t be saved,” he added.

He also said that the relationship of the duo was opposed by the victim’s family considering his degraded behavior towards the 17-year-old girl. According to the reports, the accused had planned the murder as the incident happened last week when the parents of the victim were away from the house. He executed the murder and packed his clothes and left for Kilkis. “All this planning shows that the crime was premeditated”, the lawyer affirmed.

‘The accused operated coldly, deliberately, and showed no signs of dejection or remorse after committing the crime’

The forensic examination revealed that Nicoletta died from suffocation as the culprit covered her nose and lips. The victim’s death by suffocation took four to five minutes, and it seemed that she struggled a lot to survive. According to judicial officials, the accused operated coldly, deliberately, and systematically. His post-act behaviour showed no signs of anger, dejection, or remorse for the horrible murder of the young girl, as per reports.

The Police stated that the accused wasted no time in hurrying to vanish and make an attempt to depart Greece as soon as possible on the afternoon of the murder. During the investigation the accused also confirmed to the Police that he killed the girl after an argument. The accused was arrested along the border with North Macedonia while he was trying to reach Central Europe with illegal immigrants.

greek journalist Paul Antonopoulos shared that the Greek authorities had listed the accused Pakistani man for deportation in 2021, but they released him from the migrant camp during a ‘decongestion’ drive.

Reports mention that the accused had fled from the spot with his phone and with the victim’s phone. The police had issued an international warrant in the case and tracked the accused’s phone to arrest him along the border with North Macedonia.

Victim’s mother objected to the relationship, she wanted to break up

Meanwhile, the victim’s mother elaborating on the case stated that she had opposed Nicolleta’s relationship with the accused. The 17-year-old’s mother pointed out that the victim girl was receiving threats from the accused and revealed that a few days ago she asked to break up with him, thus giving a potential reason why he allegedly killed her. “They weren’t fighting. She was fine, but lately, she wanted to break up. She didn’t want it anymore. He killed my child and took my soul. I only ask for justice”, she quoted.

The Police officers during the investigation retrieved the data from the victim’s mobile phone to confirm that the girl had received threat messages from the accused. These communications, according to the investigation, were exchanged a few days before her death and after the girl informed the Pakistani man that she wanted to end her relationship with him.

The father of 17-year-old Nicoletta, who was discovered dead in her home in the Peristeri neighborhood of western Athens, is requesting the death sentence as fitting retribution for the killer of his daughter, who is thought to be a 22-year-old Pakistani. Her younger sister, who was the first to discover her dead, is distraught and unable to accept the fact that she would never see her again.

Source- www.opindia.com


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