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Know Veer Savarkar


Mahatma Gandhi, 45, comes to India in 1915, having spent more than two decades in South Africa. 4 years before this, a 28-year-old youth is imprisoned in a dungeon in Andaman.

The British get him to run oil in the crusher throughout the day, instead of the bull, get the ropes split and the peels crushed. He is educating all the prisoners, inculcating the feelings of patriotism in them and at the same time is creating literature with nails, thorns, and nails by making walls. His name was Vinayak Damodar Savarkar. Veer Savarkar.

He had thoughts of suicide. He kept staring at the window from where the other prisoners had earlier committed suicide. The pain was becoming unbearable. The limits of torture were being crossed. Darkness was not only in those cells but also in the heart and mind. Sit in the place of the bull all day long, keep turning at night.

Hindustan Times
Kangana Ranaut visits Cellular Jail in Port Blair, pays tribute to Veer Savarkar

11 years passed like this. The prisoners respected him so much that even when he refused, he used to wash his utensils, clothes, etc., helping him in his work. The British tried to keep other prisoners away from Savarkar. At the end, when intellect was victorious, he made other prisoners also dissuade him from suicide.

But no, the great liberals say that Savarkar wrote the mercy petition, said sorry, apologized. blah-blah-blah. Fools, the revolutionary Ramprasad Bismil, who was trapped in the Kakori incident, had also apologized, then? Would you call them ‘cowards’ too? Tell. He had also apologized to the British. Will the revolutionaries be weighed on this criterion now?

When the lion makes a big jump, it takes a few steps back. What was in his mind at that time, what was the strategy ahead – it is known by some people sitting today. Who is such a freedom fighter who has been sentenced to 11 years of Kalapani? Nehru? Gandhi? Who?

How many heroes like Nanasaheb Peshwa, Maharani Laxmi Bai, and Veer Kunwar Singh were buried in history. 1857 was called the Sepoy Mutiny. Then to expose it, a young man of 20-22 years was going to the bottom of the truth by taking some kind of access to a library in London and spending day and night reading one document after the other, which was hidden from the Indians.

He proved that it was not a military rebellion, it was the first freedom struggle. He brought the story of all his immortal sacrifices to the people. Revolutionaries like Bhagat Singh read and translated it together.

Which book in the world was banned before publication? How scared the British were that every arrangement was made so that the book would not reach India. When somehow it reached, ghee was sacrificed in the flame of revolution. Savarkar was the one who fought the British with both pen and mind.

Savarkar worked for the upliftment of Dalits. There was Savarkar, who was locked in a dungeon for 11 years. Savarkar was the one who awakened the spirit of nationalism by reviving Hindutva. Savarkar was a warrior proficient in the genre of literature.

What did they get after independence? Insult. Nehru and Maulana Abul Kalam, who took power, implicated Savarkar in the Gandhi assassination case. Arrested. Not even given pension. harassed. In the 60s he was again arrested, banned. He was forbidden to attend public meetings. All this happened in the same India, for whose freedom he spent his life. His freedom was snatched from the voter of freedom in the same country which he had contributed to the freedom. When Shastri ji became the PM, he did the jugaad of pension.

He used to explain to the prisoners in Kalapani that be patient, a day will come when this place will become a place of pilgrimage. Today even though we are being made fun of all over the world, there will be a time when people will say that look, Indian prisoners were confined in these dungeons. Savarkar used to say that then there would be statues of the same prisoners. If you go to Andaman today, you land directly at ‘Veer Savarkar International Airport’.

His statue is installed in the Cellular Jail. The Prime Minister also visits and meditates in the room in which Savarkar was kept.

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