Main accused Mohammed Shafi. Image Source: Firstpost

In the horrific Kerala human sacrifice case, police discovered various shreds of evidence, including weapons, during an eight-hour evidence collection drive at the Elanthoor house. This was the place where the three accused, Mohammad Shafi, Bhagaval Singh, and his wife Laila carried out the horrific murder of two women as a human sacrifice ritual for financial gains.

The three accused were present alongside the police at the house as one after another, several horrifying details of the crime emerged with the evidence. 

Mohammad Shafi, the main accused reportedly told the investigation team during the search that 10Kg of human meat was stored in the freezer. On the fridge, Shafi’s fingerprints were also found. Shafi cooked the human meat in a pressure cooker and burnt the remains behind a massage centre run by accused Bhagaval Singh.

Koci DCP S Sasidharan has stated that only after further investigation it will be determined whether the charred remains were human. A bone was also discovered on the premises. The forensic team has collected the samples from the charred remains. In the coming days, forensic examination of the crime scene will continue, DCP Sasidharan further informed.

Notably, blood stains were visible on the walls of the house suggesting that the bodies of the victims were dragged on the floor. Billhooks used to cut the victims, were also recovered from the premises.

The investigation teams also made the accused reenact the crime and a dummy was placed on a bed for the same. Reportedly, the accused cooperated in the process.

On Kerala Police’s request, the Ernakulam Judicial First-Class Magistrate Court has granted the police custody of all three accused until October 24.

The main accused Mohammad Shafi is reported to have a weird taste for cruelty as he inflicted brutal injuries on his victims. 

The sight of blood rushing out of the wounds of victims, according to the police, would excite Shafi. “He (Shafi) has now been proven to be a psychopath and a sexual pervert. He derives sexual pleasure from his actions and will go to any length, even killing, for it,” C Nagaraju, the Police Commissioner said, adding that he is a sadist with a desire to injure, harm, and kill.

Laila, the accused who earlier had confessed to cooking the flesh of the victims has expressed remorse over her horrific deeds. However, Mohammad Shafi, who is the main conspirator, has expressed no regret. 

Kerala Police’s special team investigating the Elanthoor human sacrifice case is scrutinizing Mohammed Shafi’s financial dealings to see if more people are involved in the horrific murders.


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