Jharkhand: Muslim community in Garhwa got school prayer changed as ‘they are 75% of population’, even stopped children from folding hands


A report in Jagran said that local Muslim community members have been creating ruckus at school premises demanding change in prayer.

report in Dainik Jagran has stated that in Jharkhand’s Garhwa, some members of Muslim community got a school prayer, that has been offered since years, changed. They said that since Muslim community forms 75% of the population, the prayer should be ‘as per them’. The school administration also succumbed to the pressure and changed the prayer.

The report further states that the Muslim community also objected to folding hands during the prayer and got the same to stop. Hindus fold their hands while offering prayer, greeting in ‘namaste’ and bow down their head as mark of respect. The school administration said that since past few months the people from Muslim community have been coming and creating a ruckus demanding change of prayer.

The report further states that on request of the school principal Yugesh Ram, the head of village Sharif Ansari asked the Muslim youth to not create a ruckus on school premises. But the people from Muslim community did not agree. Subsequently, the head of village, Ansari, passed on the instructions of local residents with regard to the prayer.

Government administration has reportedly been made aware of the local Muslim residents of the village forcefully getting the school prayer changed. The administration has said an investigation regarding the same will be carried out.

Source- www.opindia.com


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