Maktoob Media peddles fake news maligning Hindus

Islamist propaganda portal Maktoob Media, notorious for peddling fake news and propagating Hinduphobia, recently published fake news, which said a court in the United Kingdom prosecuted a Jat Hindu man for posting a casteist post on social media.

“A Jat Hindu man has been given an 18-week custodial sentence by a United Kingdom court after posting a casteist offensive message on social media. It is perhaps the first case of its kind in the UK where caste-based slurs have been prosecuted, ” read a tweet posted by the official Twitter handle of Maktoob Media on April 6.

Source: Twitter

The case pertains to the United Kingdom, where one Mr Amrik Singh Bajwa had posted a grossly offensive video on TikTok on 19 July last year, wherein he hurled sexual abuses, obscenities, and casteist slurs at the Dalit Sikh community.

He was subsequently arrested following a Thames Valley Police investigation and was slapped with an offence contrary to section 127(1)(a) and (3) of the Communications Act 2003 for sending an offensive/indecent/obscene/menacing message/matter.

The case was initially referred to the Crown Prosecution Service for a charging decision, but it was later elevated to the Attorney General for a final decision. This was the first instance in the UK where charges were pressed for both caste-based insults and sexual hate speech.

The court held Bajwa guilty and sentenced him to 18 weeks of a custodial sentence for posting casteist offensive messages on social media. 

Maktoob Media falsely describes the perpetrator, a Jat Sikh, as a Jat Hindu to fan Hinduphobia in the West

However, Maktoob Media, with its penchant for vilifying Hindus and shielding rioters and Islamists indulging in unlawful activities, published a report about the incident claiming that an upper-caste Hindu man was jailed by a UK court for the first time for posting casteist slurs on social media.

A popular Twitter user, Sonam Mahajan, who goes by the handle @AsYouNotWish, pointed out that the man in question was not a Jat Hindu but a Jat Sikh and slammed the Islamist portal Maktoob Media for falsely attributing a hate crime committed against the Dalit Sikh community in the UK to Hindus while the perpetrator was a Jat Sikh supremacist.

As Maktoob Media’s claim that an upper-caste Hindu Jat man had made an offensive video against the Dalit Sikh community ended up being fake as Mr Amrik Singh Bajwa turned out to be a Jat Sikh, the Islamist portal quietly deleted its tweet and updated its report, removing references to the Hindus previously mentioned in their article. The portal offered no apology or disclaimer that the report had been updated after wrongly ascribing the identity of the perpetrator to the Hindu community.

The Islamist portal’s brazen targeting of Hindus comes at a time when Hinduphobia is on an ominous rise, especially in the West, most notably in the United Kingdom in the wake of the Leicester violence incident, which brought to the fore the rampant Hindupobia present in the UK as violence erupted following the defeat of Pakistan by India in the Asia Cup match on August 28 last year. Muslims, primarily Pakistani Islamists, reportedly assaulted Hindus and their homes in the area. Several videos of the incident went viral a week after the incident.

The videos showed Hindus being assaulted in their cars while parked in their driveways, and Hindu families huddled in their houses, stunned, while massive groups wandered the street vandalising property. The majority of these incidents of violence and provocative religious sloganeering were reported in the city’s Belgrave region.