Sadhu Magar is an autorickshaw driver in Pune. Image Source: Twitter handle of Vishnu Gitte

‘The Kerala Story’ film is about to release on 5th May 2023. The film is based on the true stories of thousands of girls from Kerala who were converted to Islam and sent to Syria to become ISIS terrorists and sex slaves. It has not only created a buzz before its release but also inspired people to promote ‘The Kerala Story’ among Hindu women on their own. Sadhu Magar is one such Hindu activist who wants as many Hindu women to watch this film to be aware and alert of the traps.

Sadhu Magar’s photograph went viral on social media on 2nd May 2023. In this photograph, he is standing near his autorickshaw on which he has flagged a banner that promises free autorickshaw services for people going to watch the film ‘The Kerala Story’. He has also mentioned on the banner that he will buy tickets for the first ten women who avail of his autorickshaw service to go to watch this film.

OpIndia spoke to Sadhu Magar to know more about the villral post, the nature of his work, and most importantly the motivation behind the special offer he has made to the public. He provided detailed information about all these things only after he first greeted us with ‘Jai Shri Ram’ and ‘Jay Hindu Rashtra’ followed by what could sum up his message – ‘Garv Se Kaho, Hum Hindu Hain’.

Sadhu Magar hails from the Akkalkot town of the Solapur district in Maharashtra. He earlier used to work as a worker in a company in Pune. But three years ago, he bought an autorickshaw and started his own transport business as he always wanted to proudly own a business however small. He operates his autorickshaw in the Alandi and Markal areas of Pune.

It is notable that Akkalkot is known for the shrine of Shri Swami Samarth who is worshipped as an avatar of Lord Dattatreya. Also, the Samadhi of Sant Dnyaneshwar is in Alandi. In this way, Sadhu Magar said, both his hometown and the workplace have played an important role to nurture and grow the dedication towards Dharma that he already had.

Sadhu Magar said, “I loved ‘Dharma Karya’ (tasks and duties towards Dharma) right from the beginning. But I did not have any tools or means to do that. When I bought my own autorickshaw, I actively started to do that.”

He further said, “I watched the trailer of ‘The Kerala Story’. I liked it very much, just like I liked ‘The Kashmir Files’. And I decided to start this offer because so many Hindu women have fallen prey to this love jihad. I want Hindu women to be aware and alert of the traps. I wanted to make them aware of the issue. Therefore, I wanted to promote them to watch this film, and hence I came up with this offer.”

He said, “I don’t frequently watch films. But, if there is a film that helps the cause, I watch it and I also do whatever I can in order to make people watch it. Last year, ‘The Kashmir Files’ film was released. I watched the film. I liked it. It showed the reality of the atrocities faced by Hindus in Kashmir which no other film had shown. Therefore, I kept my autorickshaw services free for those who wanted to go to watch this film. I did this for fifteen days.”

Sadhu Magar further said, “On 5th May, I will first watch this film. If this film depicts the love jihad problem properly then I will continue with my ‘Sankalp’. If there is the slightest bit of any anti-Hindu element in the film, or if any compromise is made while depicting the issue as it actually is heard of or seen in society, I will write a Facebook post and tell people that this film is not showing the truth and urge them not to watch it.”

“But if it properly shows the problem and what happened in Kerala, I will take people to this movie and won’t charge any money. It is important for me to first watch this and check Because we cannot say anything before watching the full movie. right now there is propaganda for and against the film. But I will watch the film first, and if it is anti-Hindu then I will pull back my offer,” he said.

Sadhu Magar gives free services to Indian Army soldiers and officers anywhere in Pune city. He also carries pupils to school for free. Whenever he sees poor people who don’t have any money, he gets them to their destination without charging anything.

Sadhu Magar said he undertakes Dharma Karya on his own and is not linked to any organization. Magar, who proudly brands a Kalava in his hand and sports a tilak on his forehead, has thus become a symbol of a common Hindu citizen aspiring to speak the truth however uncomfortable or politically incorrect it is.