Pastor Chotelal Jaiswal.

In a church in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, a new case of religious conversion has been reported. A pastor is accused of enticing non-Christians to become Christians by offering them money. Members of the “Hindu Jagran Manch” said that they raided the church and ended the program. They complained to the police and asked that the offenders be brought to justice.

The incident happened on Sunday (October 16, 2022) in the Phulpur police station area of ​​Varanasi. Hindu organisations have handed over the pastor to authorities. Following an investigation, the police have promised to take action. 

An individual by the name of Chhotelal Jaiswal reportedly ran a church in the Babatpur locality. The name of the church is Sarva India Ministry. Hindu organisations complained to the Varanasi police that the accused church pastor offered Hindus Rs 50,000 per head in exchange for conversion. Additionally, it is said that Chhotelal paid Rs 2,000 in advance for this.

Gaurav Singh and Vaibhav Singh are the names of people who were offered advance money for conversion. OpIndia has a copy of the complaint. According to the complaint, as part of the conversion program, everyone was also asked to attend church on Sunday. OpIndia also has a video of this occurrence, in which Hindu organisation members enter the midst of the session and demand that Chhotelal halt the indoctrination. In the same video, several women are seen arguing with Hindu groups.

Members of a Hindu group are shown in a video displaying religious books used in the programme. On the place, there is also a register with numerous names and other information written in it. There are empty chairs in the church, and some individuals are shouting among themselves. IG Range Varanasi instructed the Varanasi Rural Police to take action in this case. Varanasi Police has responded to the order by IG and launched an investigation into the matter.

Following the incident, several Bharatiya Janata Party leaders reached the police station and demanded action against the accused pastor Chotelal.


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