‘Hamdard does not employ Hindus’: Mahapanchayat in Haryana demands 50% reservation for local Hindus in jobs in the company


After a mahapanchayat that took place on Thursday, 7th July 2022 in Haryana, there is a demand for 50 percent job reservation for Hindus in the pharmaceutical company Hamdard. The mahapanchayat announced that in case the demand is not met, the Manesar-based company will be forced to shut down. In this panchayat, the Hamdard company was accused of discriminating against Hindus.According to a report by Live Hindustan, the local villagers and members of Hindu organizations present in the panchayat submitted a memorandum to the local administration regarding their demands. According to Ram Avtar, a former sarpanch of Manesar, Hamdard’s factory is built on the lands of local Hindu farmers. Being registered as a trust, it is also getting a lot of leeways and a free hand to operate in the way it wants.Ram Avtar said that even after all this, no local Hindu has been given a job in this medicine company to date. The people urged the administration to go to the factory and check how many Hindu workers work there.According to reports, In a memorandum to the administration, it is contended that even a deserving person is not given a job opportunity in the Hamdard company as a local Hindu. The people participating in the panchayat also demanded an inquiry into the recruitment process in Hamdard Company.

The mahapanchayat decided to lock the factory if it does not reserve 50% of its jobs for the local Hindus. The local police force was alert considering the grand organization of this mahapanchayat. Mahaveer Singh, DCP of Manesar, said, “The law and order situation was completely normal during and after the mahapanchayat.”According to a report by The Tribune, Shailesh Tiwari, Chief of Operations unit, Manesar said, “I am a Hindu who is heading the unit here and that says all about the recruitment policy. I cannot divulge anymore but can say, these allegations and threats are all baseless publicity stunts. The unit is secure.”It is notable that some time ago, the Manohar Lal Khattar government in Haryana had announced a 75 percent reservation for the people of Haryana in the private companies operating in Haryana. After this, the private companies had expressed their displeasure.

Source- www.opindia.com

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