On September 19, during a live television program of News18 Gujarati in Mandvi, Kutch, Gujarat, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) workers attempted to disrupt the debate and misbehaved with the female anchor.

During the live program ‘Sattano Sangram’, the AAP workers were shouting from a megaphone in order to suppress the voice of the BJP spokesperson. According to a Desh Gujarat report, one AAP worker tried to disrupt the live program by talking to the female anchor in an intimidating manner. 

Harsh Sanghavi, Minister of State for Home Affairs, commented on the AAP workers’ misbehavior, saying, “We know that these instances are happening after certain people are coming from Delhi and instructing Gujarat’s youth on how to cause lawlessness.” In Gujarat politics, such an episode has never occurred. We all have understood their true character and time will soon give them an answer.”

On the question of Arvind Kejriwal’s promise of women’s safety, Sanghavi stated, “If there is a difference between what you say and what you do, then AAP’s actions indicate the greatest discrepancy between speaking and doing. The manner in which these AAP workers behaved during the live program shows their attitude toward women. This is not the first time, many similar instances have occurred earlier. The background of these AAP workers needs to be checked.”

BJP State General Secretary Pradipsinh Vaghela equated AAP’s ideology with that of Naxalites. “I have always said that the culture and ideology of AAP are of Naxalism. AAP workers are getting training to become Urban Naxals, spread anarchy, and divide the country,” Vaghela said.

“Insulting a journalist and misbehaving on a TV show reveals their character. These people are modern-day Naxalites. Their only agenda is to spread lawlessness. They want to turn Gujarat into another Bengal”, Vaghela added.

Vaghela went on to warn AAP leaders that causing unrest in Gujarat would be disastrous. “You incite unrest in Punjab and back Khalistanis. I want you to know that this is Gujarat, and if similar episodes of misbehavior occur again in Gujarat, it will not be good.”


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