Exclusive breakdown of PFI "India Vision 2047": Establishment of Islamic govt, murder of 'coward Hindus', arms training, infiltration of Judiciary and more

The Bihar police made shocking revelations today about an 8-page PFI document that talks about teaching a lesson to the “coward Hindus” of India. The 8-page PFI document underlines the PFI goal for the years ahead. In the document named ‘India Vision 2047’, PFI has circulated internally among its cadre that they aim to completely dominate the ‘coward Hindus’ and subjugate them and this goal will be achievable even with 10% of Muslims rallying behind PFI. 

They have also mentioned that they plan to launch a full-fledged armed uprising against the Indian State with the help of their trained cadre and with the help of Islamic countries like Turkey. They have also appealed to other Islamic countries for help to bring the Indian State and the majority of Hindus ‘to their knees’. The police added that former SIMI terrorist Parvez and the ex-police officer named Jalluuddin, arrested by the police, have raised funds worth lakhs for this recent endeavour. 

OpIndia has accessed the full 8-page document, the contents of which are far more shocking than what the police have revealed so far. The “India 2047” document has a tagline that underlines the goal of PFI – “Towards Rule of Islam in India”.

The document fear mongers about the “current status of Muslims in India”, to “PFI in every household” strategy, their India 2047 plan and actionable points for the Muslim community in India.

Following is a point-by-point break up of what the document wants the Muslim population to do in the coming years to establish the rule of Islam and tame the “coward Hindus”.

What the document says about “present state of Muslims” in India

The first subheading of this “vision document” of the Popular Front of India (PFI) is the present state of Muslims in India. In this section, the document peddles the usual victimhood narrative that Islamists have used for years to inspire their co-religionists to pick up arms.

  1. PFI laments the fact that the ruling community of India – Muslims – have now become second-class citizens. It says that there are 9 districts in the country where the Muslim population is above 75%.
  2. PFI says that the current condition of Muslims started from the time of the Britishers, who it hilariously claims, adopted discriminatory policies against Muslims and “favoured” Hindus. “The privileges earlier enjoyed by Muslims in terms of property rights, etc. were withdrawn, Government jobs were denied and trade facilities were restricted. Since the dawn of the independence, the Government of India dominated by the upper caste Hindus adopted discriminatory measures against Muslims”, the document says.
  3. The document says that Muslim kids compete with Dalit kids and that “the rise of sectarian Hindutva forces has further aggravated the socio-economic and political conditions of Muslims. The political deprivation of Muslims has come so low that the Government of India does not bother to consult Muslims even on the matters concerning Shariat”.
  4. It says that the Muslim community is divided by “silly differences” and therefore it was difficult to fight “Hindutva forces”. It further said that the Muslim community, being the second largest in the world (in terms of the Indian population) needs to give a “model to the world” as to how the community needs to fight “anti-Muslim forces”.
  5. The Islamist organisation outlined its own role in the Muslim community. “The world looks at Indian Muslims as a model and the Indian Muslim community hopelessly waits for a miracle to happen. Sooner or later, leadership has to emerge from within the community to protect it from the immediate threats and to provide a real development model for the deprived sections of the society based on freedom, truth and equal enforcement. This is the role the Popular Front of India sees itself in”.

Vision 2047 of PFI

  1. In the document, PFI says that they have given themselves the date of the year 2047 to ensure that there is an Islamic government in India.
  2. “We dream a 2047 where the political power has returned to the Muslim community from whom it was unjustly taken away by the British Raj”, says the document.
  3. Pertinently, the PFI document says that the Muslim community has always been a minority and it does not need to be a majority to win. “If we look into history of Islam, Muslims were always in minority and for victory we do not need to have a majority. Popular Front of India (PFI) is confident that even if 10% of total Muslim population rally behind it, PFI would subjugate the coward majority community to their knees and bring back the glory of Islam in India”, the document says.
  4. The document clearly says that PFI cadres and leaders and working towards the establishment of an Islamic government in India. “PFI cadres and Muslim youths should be repeatedly told that they all were working for Deen. Allah had created the world/Kayanaat and Muslims were made for two reasons, the first to establish the law of Allah and secondly Muslims are Daai on earth. This should always be kept in mind that the rule of Islam has to be established”, the document underlines.

Stages of progression towards Islamic rule, according to the PFI document

PFI in its document outlined 4 stages of progression towards establishing an Islamic rule in India.

Stage 1:

In the first stage of this progression, PFI says that all Muslims everywhere, in different areas and belonging to different sects, need to unite under the banner of PFI. They would be recruiting more members and giving them arms training, including the use of rods, swords and other weapons – this training would also include offensive and defensive techniques.

“For this one needs to repeatedly remind Muslim community of its grievances and establish grievances where there is none. All our frontal organisations including Party should be focussed on expanding and recruiting new members. Simultaneously, we have to establish an Islamic identity among everyone beyond the concept of being an Indian. We would begin to recruit and train members into our PE department wherein they should be given training on attacking and defensive techniques, use of swords, rods, and other weapons“, the document said.

Throughout the document, interestingly, PFI talks about keeping the pot boiling and reminding every Muslim of the “grievances” they have and also establishing a Muslim identity beyond just being “Indian”.

Stage 2:

In its stage 2, PFI openly calls for the use of violence against Hindus. It says that the grievances of the Muslims should be reiterated over and over again and violence should be used “selectively” to “terrorise opponents” (Hindus) and display their collective strength. They further talk about mass mobilisation and limiting the “exposure of trained cadre to security forces”.

Stage 2 then outlines how they can carry on their nefarious activities by using punch lines like “Ambedkar”, “constitution” etc.

“From all the cadres who are being given PE, those with talent are to be spotted and recruited to be given advanced training on weapons including fire-arms and explosives. Meantime, Party should utilise concepts such as ‘National Flag’, ‘Constitution’ and ‘Ambedkar’ to shield the real intention of establishing an Islamic rule and to reach out to SCs/STs/OBCs. We would reach out to executive and judiciary and also strive to infiltrate our members in these at all levels in order to gather information and get favourable outcome in matters of our interest. Further, liasoning is to be established with foreign Islamic countries for funding and other help”.

In a scary confession, PFI says that they would try to a) infiltrate the judiciary and executive, b) use concepts such as the National Flag, Constitution etc to shield their real motives of establishing Islamic rule, and c) give firearms training to those Muslims who show “talent”, d) Liaison with foreign Islamic nations for funding.

Stage 3:

After outlining their strategy to give arms training, infiltrate the Judiciary and liaison with foreign Islamic nations for funding, the terror organisation goes on to its third stage.

  1. In this stage, the PFI says that Party (PFI) should form close alliances with the SC/ST/OBC community and win at least a few seats in elections. The alliance that the PFI wants to forge is with 50% Muslims and 10% SC/ST/OBC.
  2. PFI talks about creating a divide between RSS and SC/ST/OBCs. “We need to create a split between RSS and SCs/STs/OBCs by projecting that RSS is an organisation interested only in the welfare of upper caste Hindus”, the document says.
  3. PFI talks about discrediting all “secular” parties to further the need for a purely Muslim party that will cater to the needs of Muslims and SC/ST/OBCs.
  4. PFI asks its cadres to stockpile weapons at this stage.
  5. “The PE department should project its strength through the discipline of its members, uniformed marches and intervening physically in the defence of the community wherever required and attacking anyone against its interest. Stockpiling of weapons and explosives should be done in this stage”, the document says.
  6. All other “frontal organisations” must continue to work on fulfilling the previous stages, PFI says.

Stage 4

  1. In this stage, PFI says that it should become the undisputed leader of all Muslims, sidelining all other Muslim and secular organisations.
  2. It should also gain the trust of 50% of SCs/STs/OBCs and emerge as their representative too.
  3. PFI says that if it can achieve this support, it would be enough for them to grab power at the national level.
  4. “Once in power, all important positions in the executive and judiciary as well as the Police and Army are to be filled with loyal cadres. The doors of all Government departments including Army and Police would be opened to be filled with loyal Muslims and SCs/STs/OBCs to correct the past injustice and imbalances in their recruitment”, the document says.
  5. The ones who were being given arms training would become more “overt” at this point and “eliminate those against their interest”. “The actions of our PE department would become more overt and the number of cadres would be exponentially increased at this stage. Those against our interest are to be eliminated. These PE cadres would also act as a safeguard against influence of security forces by our opponents”, the document says.
  6. The last stage would be, after stockpiling weapons and training armed cadres, to establish an Islamic constitution and eliminate all those who stand in the way (basically, Hindus). “When we have enough trained cadres and stockpiling of arms, we would declare a new Constitution based on Islamic principles. External forces would also come for help at this stage. There would be systematic and widespread elimination of our opponents and return of Islamic glory”, the document says.

Current actionable points outlined by the PFI, that wants to establish Islam in India and eliminate all Hindus

  1. Establishment of grievances: The PFI document says that rising Hindutva and the RSS-backed-government have given them enough reasons to make Muslims believe that this government is working against the interest of Islam and that the trust deficit between the government and the Muslim community has become wide enough, thanks to the efforts of PFI. “Muslim community should always be reminded about the atrocities perpetrated upon them during demolition of Babri Masjid, communal riots and lynching of Muslims. There must be concerted efforts by all State units to make Muslims believe that the RSS led Government was planning to declare India a Hindu Rashtra and drive Muslims out of the country”, the document said.
  2. Mass mobilisation: Mass mobilisation is detailed as a “priority area” to regain the “lost glory of Islam” by PFI. According to the document, there are 3 aspects to this – Inclusiveness, Outreach and Engagement (mobilisation). “Being an inclusive organisation means Popular Front should have space for everyone from the community who wants to contribute towards our cause. Outreach means approaching the community by educating them about the issues and setting priorities for the community. Engagement in mobilisation means not just limiting our outreach to one-way education, but also engaging the masses to participate in our agenda. Bringing the people to the forefront to strive for their rights will be the expected result of mass mobilisation. To engage the mass, all the present platforms from within the organisation should be used and also existing community platforms should be influenced”, the document says.
  3. PFI in every house: The aim of PFI is to recruit every eligible member from every Muslim household, however, if that is not possible, a) recruit at least one member from every Muslim house, if not, b) recruit one person to the party, if not, c) Recruit any of them to any of our frontals, if not, d) Make them readers of our magazines/articles or at least make them post on social media.
  4. Recruitment and training of Muslims: Shockingly, at this point, PFI goes on to talk about committing unbridled violence against Hindus. It says that it does not really know the appeal of their armed ground cadre amongst the people and also does not know how much fear they induce in Hindus therefore, this needs to be tested. The PFI document says that under the garb of Yoga classes and the Healthy People Healthy Nation campaign, arms training must be given to their PE cadre. “Our well-trained PE trainers are being sent State to State to impart training to PFI members in weapon handling and explosives. We have a shortage of trainers and the numbers of potential trainees are very large. Resourceful candidates should be identified and trained to become Basic PE course instructors, secondary PE course instructors and PE masters. Further, we do not have so far proper secluded training centres/locations for conducting advanced PE courses. To meet the challenge, State units should acquire plots in Muslim-dominated localities or remote locations in order to set up proper training facilities and depots for stock-piling of arms and explosives. Locations of these centres should be under the knowhow of only selected persons. We have a long way to cover in order to train all PFI cadres and sympathisers in basic PE as well as build our own dedicated army of trained PE cadres before we can achieve our goal”, the document says.

Collection of information on Hindus, Hindus leaders and asking for help from foreign nations

In this “actionable point”, PFI goes as far as to insinuate that they should keep details about Hindus and Hindu leaders handy before the “final showdown”, essentially meaning, that they should be ready with the information to murder these Hindus and Hindu leaders.

“It is imperative to collect and keep ready detailed information about the personal details of Hindu/RSS leaders and locations of their offices before the stage of final show down comes. The information wings at various levels should keenly follow up and update their data-base. Tracking their activities would also help us in responding against their atrocities. Keeping in view the importance of information wing in the roadmap of our final goal, the working of the wing at all levels needs to be strengthened and sharpened”, the document says.

The PFI ends its “vision document” by saying that in case of a full-blown showdown with the Indian state, they will need help from “friendly Islamic nations” like Turkey. While they say they have developed close ties with Turkey, other Islamic nations need to be reached as well.

“In the scenario of full-fledged show down with the State, apart from relying on ours trained PE cadres, we would need help from friendly Islamic countries. In the last few years, PFI has developed friendly relationship with Turkey, a flag- bearer of Islam. Efforts are on to cultivate reliable friendship in some other Islamic countries”, the document says.


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