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The Uttar Pradesh’s Bareilly police have registered a case against one youth named Akleem alias Babu Qureshi. The case was registered based on a complaint lodged by a Hindu girl living in Uttar Pradesh’s Bareilly district who said that Akleem Qureshi and her brothers of raping her and forcing her to convert to Islam.

Bareilly police took to Twitter to inform that based on her complaint, the Shahi police have booked six people, including three women under relevant sections of the law and launched a probe into the allegations. The people booked have been identified as Akleem Qureshi, Shadal, Visal, Tarannum, Shabana and Gazala.

According to the Hindi daily Amarujala, the girl said in her complaint, that Akleem Qureshi raped her at gunpoint while his two sisters Tarannum and Shabana drugged her and made a video of the act. The accused thereafter used the video to blackmail her into eating beef forcefully against her will and convert to Islam. Qureshi forcefully took her to places like Allahabad, Banaras, Akbarpur, Ajmer and Bihar from where she was brought to Agra. In Agra, the girl alleged, that Akleem and his two brothers Shadal and Visal took turns and raped her.

According to the officials, the girl, who lived in the Shahi police station area, used to run a beauty parlour in her home, which Tarannum and her friend Gazala frequented. The victim and Tarannum gradually became friends, and one-day Tarannum persuaded her to come to her house, to which the victim agreed. Tarannum brought the victim to her house and imprisoned her in a room where Akleem Qureshi had previously been hiding. The offender then raped the woman while holding a gun to her head. Tarannum and Shabana, Qureshi’s two sisters, filmed the act. The recording was then used to pressurise the victim into eating meat against her will, converting to Islam, and marrying Akleem Qureshi.

The victim said that she fell for Akleem and his sister’s charming talk and left her house with a large sum of money and jewellery, which the accused stole from her after injecting her with sedatives.

The woman said she somehow escaped from Akleem’s captivity in November and approached the police. Bareilly SSP Akhilesh Kumar Chaurasia confirmed that based on the complaint lodged by the victim, a case was registered against the six accused


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